vrijdag 4 april 2014

Students did not prove that the Ark of Noah was true

Student Thomas Morris, 22, said:
“You don’t think of the Bible necessarily as a scientifically accurate source of information, so I guess we were quite surprised when we discovered it would work. We’re not proving that it’s true, but the concept would definitely work.” 
The full paper, The animals float two by two, hurrah!, was published in a peer-reviewed student journal.

maandag 31 maart 2014

I’m a Christian and I think ‘Noah’ deserves a four star review

This is an review on the 'Noah' film from Hollywood (2014).
It is worth while reading before you decide to go: http://themattwalshblog.com/


"Noah is a major Hollywood blockbuster, made by an atheist director best known for his previous flick where a mentally disturbed lesbian ballerina goes insane and bleeds to death on stage. Already, a critical person might be slightly concerned about his handling of the Bible, considering what he just did to the ballet."

Matt Walsh March 29, 2014

vrijdag 21 maart 2014

Abortion as medical treatment?

For those who cannot read Dutch:

This is an amazing article about a lady who discovered that she had Cervical cancer. The shocking news came when she was four months pregnant. The doctors more or less urged her to abort her baby in order to remove her uterus. She refused this 'treatment' and decided to go for the alternative treatment. Undergoing chemotherapies and wait until the baby is big enough to be delivered. Her child is two and a half now and healthy, so is she.

This is exactly what I demonstrated in my essay about abortion:
"Medical treatment should aim on rescuing both lives [...] abortion to save the mother's life does probably not, strictly medically spoken, exist. Although it sounds 'noble and pure' to those who propose abortion, in reality it is a 'real stretch of our thinking."


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dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Evolutie & Moraal

Evolutie & Moraal

Het is de Bijbelse God zelf die, ons mensen, leefregels heeft gegeven.Deze regels zijn goed en nog lang niet aan vervanging toe. Wanneer mensen zelf hun regels gaan bepalen komen er allerlei excessen. Men meent dat wat goed is voor de n, wel eens slecht kan zijn voor de ander.

Neem nu bijvoorbeeld euthanasie, abortus en het homohuwelijk. De mens wil zelf uitmaken wat goed voor hem is. In deze studie zullen we kijken in hoeverre de evolutieleer positief kan bijdrage aan een gezond en evenwichtig moraal.

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dinsdag 21 januari 2014

Ethiek: Het Standpunt Over Abortus

Ethics: The Stance on AbortionEthics: The Stance on Abortion

Met de alsmaar vorderende technologie in onze moderne tijd loopt men steeds vaker tegen ethische problemen aan. Aan de ene kant zijn medici in staat om premature baby's te redden terwijl ergens anders baby's van dezelfde leeftijd geaborteerd worden. Hoe benaderen we het mensenleven in deze situatie? 

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Government Violates Homeschoolers' Human Rights!

Start listening from 3 minutes.

It makes me so angry to know that governments think they can intervene in loving families who want to do what they think is best for their kids.

Even in the Netherlands government officials are positive about this kind of dumb rules. A few months ago I have made a small video on our Dutch situation: Click here to see my video on homeschooling